Chartered Accountants in Sunderland, offering expertise on everything from Tax and Business Planning,
to Accounts and VAT.

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TTR Barnes

At TTR Barnes we can call on over 75 years of continued practice. The company today is an amalgamation of three well-established Sunderland accountancy firms which makes us the largest independent practice in Sunderland. We are able to draw on a huge amount of expertise and experience in everything from Tax and Business Planning to Accounts and VAT.

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Christina Emery: Appointment to Mortgage Advisor & Administrator at Key Wealth

12th April 2018

Our partner company, Key Wealth, is pleased to celebrate the progression of key team member, Christina Emery, to the position of Mortgage Advisor & Administrator. Christina has a wealth of experience in the area of mortgages and life...

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£1,000 Tax-Free Trading Allowance

12th April 2018

A new £1,000 tax-free trading allowance has been introduced from 6th April 2017. Whether you will benefit from the allowance will depend upon your own individual circumstances. There are many complexities and we have outlined the key points...

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Accountant or Accountancy Software?

3rd February 2018

Let’s start by saying that there is no right or wrong answer to this question as it depends entirely on the business, the business owner’s individual circumstances and the financial question they are faced with. There are certainly...

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HMRC Error with Payments on Account for 2016/2017 Tax Returns

5th January 2018

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR 2016/2017 TAX RETURNS An error has been picked up within the HMRC tax return system that affects 2017/18 payments on account as reported on 2016/2017 tax returns. In certain instances (primarily where there is rental income, trust income or...

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