Chartered Accountants in Sunderland, offering expertise on everything from Tax and Business Planning,
to Accounts and VAT.

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TTR Barnes

At TTR Barnes we can call on over 75 years of continued practice. The company today is an amalgamation of three well-established Sunderland accountancy firms which makes us the largest independent practice in Sunderland. We are able to draw on a huge amount of expertise and experience in everything from Tax and Business Planning to Accounts and VAT.

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Don’t get caught out by fraudulent emails and phishing scams

24th July 2017

Online fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the presentation of fake emails, making it harder than ever to spot when an email is real. To help you stay safe, we’ve put together a guide on how to spot...

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IHT: Understanding the new Family Home Allowance

5th July 2017

New rules surrounding Inheritance Tax were introduced from April 5th 2017, that have potentially removed millions of family homes from the impact of Inheritance Tax. The rules and exemptions are quite complicated, however, and many people could miss...

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Rental Businesses – what you can and can’t claim

21st June 2017

One of the most common questions we are asked by landlords is what are the allowable costs that can be offset against their rental income. It shouldn’t be a complex area but, as with many tax matters, there...

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2017/2018 Tax Tables Guide

21st June 2017

Make sure you have the right information to hand with our 2017/2018 tax tables guide. The guide covers the key tax rates, allowances and reliefs to help you with your tax return and to plan ahead with your...

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