Chartered Accountants in Sunderland, offering expertise on everything from Tax and Business Planning,
to Accounts and VAT.

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TTR Barnes

At TTR Barnes we can call on over 75 years of continued practice. The company today is an amalgamation of three well-established Sunderland accountancy firms which makes us the largest independent practice in Sunderland. We are able to draw on a huge amount of expertise and experience in everything from Tax and Business Planning to Accounts and VAT.

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Salary information must now be provided to your authorised HMRC agent

10th September 2017

Save time by providing salary information in advance to your authorised agent From 1st May this year HMRC has changed the way that authorised agents of taxpayers can access salary information. Previously, if an agent were authorised by...

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17th August 2017

Identity theft and online fraud is increasing in every avenue of the digital world, including among those organisations and individuals linked to UK business set-up and trading. Companies’ House is no exception to this and has been the...

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Don’t run the risk of your company being struck off due to late filing of accounts.

7th August 2017

Despite changes to the process almost two years ago, many businesses still don’t understand how quickly their company could be struck off if their accounts are filed late, with some businesses unwittingly finding their companies being deregistered. In this...

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Beware tax bill payment by cheque

7th August 2017

Coomber v HMRC A recent case ruling in HMRC’s favour has highlighted that responsibility for clearance of tax bill payments lies fully with the taxpayer.   In the Coomber v HMRC case, a taxpayer’s appeal against a late payment...

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