Salary information must now be provided to your authorised HMRC agent

10th September 2017

Save time by providing salary information in advance to your authorised agent

From 1st May this year HMRC has changed the way that authorised agents of taxpayers can access salary information. Previously, if an agent were authorised by the taxpayer to deal with HMRC, they could request salary information over the phone. Many aspects of accounting, such as tax returns and dividend calculations, require this information.

Why the change?

The change has been implemented both to reduce calls to HMRC and to improve security for taxpayers. There have been instances where callers have impersonated taxpayers and HMRC received some 2.7 million calls last year for taxpayer pay and tax information requests.

How can the information be accessed now?

Authorised agents are still able to request salary information on behalf of taxpayers. However instead of being given this information immediately over the phone, the request will trigger a letter, detailing the salary information, to be sent directly to the taxpayer. The agent will then need to contact the taxpayer to retrieve this information. It is worth noting that the letter will go to the last known address of the taxpayer, so any change in this not notified to HMRC may delay things further.

The taxpayer can also contact HMRC directly, in which instance they would be given the details directly or advised to access their personal digital tax account.

Alternative ways of providing the information

To save time, it is possible to provide this information to agents via other methods. Official HMRC documentation such as a P60, P45 or P11D all contain salary information. You can be one step ahead by forwarding copies of these documents on to authorised agents when received, meaning that you will not be bothered by salary information requests at later dates.

From late summer 2017 there are also plans for a digital solution that will allow agents to access taxpayer details directly online, though further details of this have yet to be announced.




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