Changes To UK Company Law – What Do They Mean For You?

26th June 2024

Since March this year, new measures have been introduced by The Economic Crime and
Corporate Transparency Act, bringing some of the biggest changes to UK Company Law since

Here are just some of the changes this act will bring into force:

• To allow for stronger checks on businesses’ details, all companies now need to provide a
contact email.

• Company documents, including statutory accounts must be sent electronically, rather than by post.

• Businesses will need to provide identification when setting up limited companies, including stronger address

• The names of all stakeholders must be listed by the business, to provide full transparency of

• Personal details in historical documents will be concealed with the aim of preventing abuse of

• All of Companies House fees are increasing.

Companies House have brought these measures in to tackle economic crime more effectively and
improve corporate transparency. Find out more by visiting Companies House here.

To find out more about how these changes will impact your company, please do not hesitate to
contact our friendly team.


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