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Guide to VAT on expenses

17th November 2020

For VAT-registered companies, reimbursing employee expenses can be a minefield. You may be entitled to claim back VAT on expenses and it’s important to remember that they should be treated as anything else you buy for your business....

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Are employee Christmas gifts taxable?

16th November 2020

With the traditional office Christmas party looking unlikely this year, many employers are planning alternative gift ideas to reward their employees over the festive period. However, it’s important to be aware of the tax considerations of any gifts,...

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Furlough scheme extension and other financial support available during lockdown

6th November 2020

As we begin a second national lockdown, businesses will be understandably concerned about what it means for their finances. The Government has already confirmed the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (also know as the furlough scheme), which was due...

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What tax relief can I claim for working from home?

26th October 2020

Thanks to the global pandemic, more of us than ever before are now working from home. Although it began as a temporary arrangement for many, several major employers have already pledged to close offices and shift to remote...

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How much tax do I pay as a sole trader?

22nd October 2020

Trying to work out if it’s worth incorporating your company/remaining incorporated? Unfortunately the answer isn’t always clear cut – especially as businesses continue to navigate the fallout of the global pandemic. Understanding how much tax you need to...

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