Do I need an EORI number after Brexit?

9th September 2019

Do I need an EORI number after Brexit

If you trade in the EU then you will need an EORI number after Brexit to continue trading in the event of a no deal outcome.

Last month HMRC announced it was speeding up its preparations for Brexit by automatically enrolling VAT-registered businesses in the EORI scheme. But what is an EORI number and why do you need one?


What is an EORI number?

Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) numbers allow customs authorities to identify businesses when they are trading with international customers and suppliers.

Currently EORI numbers are only required for businesses which trade with countries outside of the EU, however post-Brexit they will also be a requirement to continue trading with EU countries.

Why do I need an EORI number after Brexit?

Under the terms of the EU free trade deal, companies can currently trade with EU member states as easily as they can within the UK.

It’s unlikely that the free trade agreement will continue post-Brexit so trade with countries within the European Union will need to be treated in the same way as that with the rest of the world.

How do I get one?

If you are VAT-registered, you may already have received a letter from HMRC confirming your EORI number as a result of HMRC’s auto-enrolment programme. If you haven’t received a letter or are not currently VAT-registered, you can sign-up for a number online here.

If you aren’t sure if you are already registered for the scheme, HMRC is urging businesses to contact it to double check to avoid any interruptions to trade post-Brexit.

What else does Brexit mean for my business?

As Brexit uncertainty continues, it’s a good idea to check with HMRC for the latest guidance and being as proactive as possible in order to avoid getting caught out. HMRC is reportedly continuing to experience high call volumes resulting in delays, so we’re advising all our clients to avoid leaving things to the last minute.

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