Have you checked for furlough errors?

26th April 2021

New research has shown that up to 13% mid-sized businesses found errors in their initial furlough claim. With HMRC taking a hard line on misuse of the furlough scheme, experts are encouraging businesses to check their claims to make sure they are correct. 

have you checked for furlough errors

Research showed 13% making furlough errors

Research carried out by business and financial adviser Grant Thornton found that of 605 medium sized business surveyed, 13% had found mistakes in their initial furlough claims. Although the majority of these are likely to be innocent mistakes as a result of poor record keeping or basing calculations on incorrect information, it’s important that any errors are reported to HMRC to minimise potential penalties.

Penalties for businesses abusing support schemes

HMRC has recently launched a task force to investigate fraudulent furlough claims, and has indicated there will be strict penalties for businesses found to have abused the scheme. The Government has announced plans to provide £100m in extra funding to help tackle fraud in coronavirus support schemes, including supporting 1,250 staff on the task force. More than 10,000 investigations into potentially fraudulent claims have already been launched and there are plans to double this number.

Talk to the experts

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