Presenting Challenges

10th December 2013

Most people in business will need to give a presentation at some point in their career this may be an internal meeting between colleagues or a sales pitch to potential customers. These days, the chances are that these meetings will involve some form of technology: laptops, tablets, smartphones. But does this reliance on technology really improve the quality of the presentation, or is the message getting lost in translation?

Ultimately, the quality of any presentation will depend on the quality of the presenter. In recent research by Casio 56% of those questioned felt that business pitches they had attended could have been better due to poor presentation skills and an over-reliance on presentation software.

The message from the research presses home the need for adequate training and practice. Public speaking can evoke feelings ranging from mild nerves to a full scale panic attack, so when it’ a requirement for business, the more prepared the better. Training doesn’t have to be expensive and can be as simple as holding internal meetings when different people present to colleagues and teams within the business, in a constructive environment to prepare for presentations to clients and customers.

Another result from the research highlighted over-reliance on presentation software. Nothing kills a pitch better than ‘death by Powerpoint’. Nothing sells like in-depth knowledge of the product, and technology should be the support, not the main event (unless, of course, that is what you’re selling).

Finally, when you have overcome the urge to rely on your technology, all that remains is to ensure your customers are so enthralled by your presentation, that they can resist the urge to use their own tablets, smartphones, etc, because 60% of those taking part in the Casio research admitted sending texts and emails while in meetings.

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