Sage Salary and Supplier Payments product launches on market

1st March 2019

Sage has partnered with technology firm Modulr to simplify managing accounts payable and payroll payments for its customers.

 The new solution, named Sage Salary and Supplier Payments, (powered by Modulr), will permit businesses and those responsible for managing their accounts payable and payroll to make payments directly within the Sage Business Cloud Accounting and Sage Payroll products.

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Using the new feature will mean Sage customers will no longer have to make manual payment processes, with the aim of reducing the risk of errors and compromised data, while saving time through the automated reconciliation of payment data.

The delegated service access will also allow Sage’s Accountant and Payroll Bureau Partners to effortlessly control and manage payments processing on behalf of their clients.

Seamus Smith, Executive Vice President Global Payments & Banking at Sage, said: “By enabling our SME customers and accountant partners to automate vital financial processes directly from our products, we can exceed their expectations. This will help them to save time on administrative processes, take control of the flow of money through the software, improve data security and reduce costs.

“Customers and accountants will further benefit from real-time visibility of payments, seamless reconciliation of payment data into Sage’s Accounting and Payroll products and role-based access controls, meaning that they can track and manage a full audit trail of activity pertaining to outgoing payments, which will give them full control of a crucial part of their business.”

The new Sage Salary and Supplier Payments is available now to existing Sage customers.

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