Our Start-up Star Winner!

8th July 2016

After much deliberation we have a winner in our Start-Up Stars Competition!


Lynsey and Natalie Newton from TTR Barnes

Local businesswoman Lynsey Kimmitt is celebrating after winning the prestigious prize. Lynsey’s entry not only impressed us for her business’ unique multi-channel approach but also for her perseverance to succeed despite diagnosis of a rare eye condition that left her temporarily blind and with long-term eye problems.

The competition, launched in May 2016, aimed to find a local start-up business that had set itself apart from its competitors and showed high potential for success. The prize includes a year’s professional business support, incorporating free accounting services, business advisor sessions, bookkeeping software and virtual office space at North East BIC.

Natalie Newton, Tax and Payroll Manager at TTR Barnes said, “We wanted to identify and support a new business that, with the right help, could thrive and make a positive contribution to the local economy. We know the low success rates typically seen with start-up businesses, and this is often just down to bad financial or business strategy decision-making rather than having the wrong product or service.”

The TTR Barnes’ judging panel was impressed by Lynsey Kimmitt’s omni-channel approach to her accessories retail business, Carry and Sole. Lynsey’s business sells handbags, shoes, purses and accessories through various sales channels; online at www.carryandsole.com; from her retail outlet in Murton; and through a series of pop-up shops at local retail parks, functions and events.

Natalie Newton added, “Lynsey had obviously carefully considered her market, recognising that the diversity of her market segments required a multi-sales channel approach, combining both online and offline outlets that went deep into the heart of her target communities. We felt that this made her stand out from the other entrants. Lynsey’s success is made even more remarkable by the personal circumstances she has overcome to realise her dream of launching her own business. ”

Lynsey said, “I am excited and happy to have won the start-up stars competition.  With additional support, advice and software from TTR Barnes, and the virtual office space from the BIC, I will be able to take my business to the next level!”

Lynsey also takes care to ensure that her offering is available to disadvantaged groups, attending events specifically for the disabled, such as those organised by Disability North. She added, “I feel like I can relate to this market; how hard it is to find modern and innovative products when you have accessibility issues like I do. By having my pop-up events, it allows me to bring the products to people, rather than them having to navigate online or in-store purchasing experiences, which can be difficult if you are less-abled.”

Natalie from TTR Barnes added, “Lynsey’s story is inspirational and shows drive, passion and dedication to making her business a success, despite the odds being stacked against her. These personal qualities are essential for leadership of a successful business and we felt that, with Lynsey at the helm and the right support from us, Carry and Sole could achieve great success.”

Lynsey and TTR Barnes will now meet to start her business advisory sessions with the TTR Barnes team. Natalie stated, “We are excited to start working with Lynsey and to see her business go from strength-to-strength. There is a solid foundation of existing sales channels on which to build and we hope to be able to help her take her business to the next level with the right financial and business advice.”



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